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Fabric ink roller 75mm

Fabric ink roller 75mm

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For block printing onto textiles, it is important that your design is 'fixed' in place and does not wash away. 

For this we use a special printing ink with extra ingredients to make it stick. Fabric block print ink can sometimes be tricky to use with a traditional rubber roller. Essdee have developed an innovative new roller which solves that problem, this has a dense foam semi absorbent surface so its softer than rubber but stronger than a regular sponge roller. Fully washable, a great tool to make your printing experience easy & enjoyable.
  • semi absorbent fabric roller designed especially for textile printing
  • improved pickup & transfer of thinner water-based inks, like screen printing ink or fabric paint which would be too slippery for a normal roller
  • a great tool which opens-up new possibilities when block printing onto fabric
  • 75mm width or 3 inch with 31mm diameter roller surface
  • for best results use with water based fabric inks such as Essdee textile printing ink, wash clean with warm soapy water

The roller works perfectly with all textile printing inks but especially Essdee 150ml block printing ink for fabric 

Our pre printed bag bases and our 100% cotton bag bases are an ideal place to try out your textile printing techniques

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