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Fabric block print ink 150ml

Fabric block print ink 150ml

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For use with textiles, these are non toxic & water based for easy use and clean up. Simply allow the print to dry fully for a few days before fixing with a hot iron (non steam). These inks work with all lino sheets, wood and other print blocks. Apply by taking ink from the tub, use a roller or sponge to apply ink to the printing block then press down onto your fabric base. 

My tip? Iron on the reverse face and place a sheet of baking parchment or a fabric rag between the hot iron and your print to protect it from scorch. Just gently run your iron over for 3/4 minutes on each section and it will be fixed so that you can wash at 40 degree in a washing machine. For best results use with a 100% cotton base however you can have a result from other fabrics which will vary.

As a suggestion, print some test pieces, fix and give them a wash before you embark on your larger project. With any new medium it is always good to familiarise yourself beforehand.

Always read the manufacturer instructions fully before you begin. 

Essdee offer a specialist fabric roller for use with these inks which works perfectly. 

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