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Pear shape painting knife

Pear shape painting knife

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What I love about this particular brand and size which is produced in Italy, is how flexible the metal knife part is. Some knives are simply too stiff, heavy and don't help you get a good mix on paints and inks. This knife will spread with flex over uneven canvas surfaces. Personally for lino printing, this super thin metal blade helps get all the slightly dried ink up from the mixing surface and allows you to avoid wastage. The pointed tip gets to those hard to reach parts of tins, tubes & pots. The crank step in the blade is perfect for handling.

Purchasing all the equipment you need when you're starting out on a new creative hobby can be expensive, especially if you aren't sure if you'll continue! Here this is a reasonable price item which you'll have for years. For use with any artist materials such as inks, paints, pigments & pastes.

Wash clean for water based pigments in warm soapy water & use it again, avoid soaking in water for many hours due to wooden handle.
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Five stars for this shop! I had an idea to make linocut camp t-shirts this summer but wasn’t sure where to start. Catherine answered a ton of my questions and made sure I had everything I needed - including ink for printing on fabric. The kit arrived within a week and everything was beautifully packaged, the materials are great & the instructions were very helpful. I would highly recommend this shop for anyone who wants to give this medium a try!