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Luxury linocut & print kit with original art print card

Luxury linocut & print kit with original art print card

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The ultimate print kit fully loaded, suitable as a special gift for a complete beginner or somebody investing in a good set of quality equipment to complete several projects.

A work of art in itself, this comes gift wrapped in premium paper with natural jute twine and original hand lino print as a card for your message if you choose to write one. Paper and card design can vary always premium, get in touch for anything special you require. 

I offer a wide range of printing kits to suit every budget. No matter which kit you choose, each gives you a good starting point from which you can decide if you enjoy linocut. You will be mindfully lost in the cutting process and uplifted when it comes to working with the sumptuous printing inks. For a complete beginner, set aside an hour to cut the lino & another hour for printing, enough time to complete a small print project however the kit provides enough print bases, inks and lino here for several projects. Don't forget my video tutorials help you get started and vary in difficulty. 

  • Inking tray in white with space to roll out 2/3 colours A4 size, wash clean with soapy water
  • Roller (brayer) 6cm rubber specifically for lino print can use with other crafts
  • Extra 2nd roller in larger 10cm size
  • Lino mix pack x3 sheets: blue softcut, grey traditional hessian back & darker grey mid density, all 10/15cm A6 size, try these 3 different lino qualities
  • Larger size lino x2 sheets 20/15cm - a softcut blue & mid density dark grey lino
  • Lino cut tool set a comfort handle shape with 10 interchangeable profile shape blades, ESSDEE brand Uk made
  • Example mark making sheet, for instructions how to use your tool to make different marks and get started
  • Artist palette knife or spatula x2
  • Pack of 10 bright white card blanks 6x6inch or 15cm square with envelopes, use as greetings cards or cut in half to use as prints to frame along with 5 x black cards.
  • Tracing paper for all lino, to transfer a design from paper to lino using pencil
  • Step by step written guide - full instructions with handy tips!! or alternative is to watch the tutorial videos
  • 30ml ink tins in 6 colours, please message me with you preference otherwise we include a good selection. 
  • Template A4 sheets of design ideas in correct scale to copy. These are my own artwork designs. The video demos work with these templates so students with kits can cut & print along!
  • Bamboo baren to hand burnish your prints sourced from Japan
  • 4 sheets of A5 Nepalese handmade LOKTA paper, made from local tree bark of the Daphne bush a renewable source

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