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Lino traditional with hessian backing by Essdee

Lino traditional with hessian backing by Essdee

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Traditional grey artist linoleum, single sided with a hessian back. Some printers prefer this traditional material because it feels like cutting sandstone and is the more natural type of base material. Sold here in singles

For hessian backed lino, avoid drenching in soapy water because it takes days to dry and can cause damage over time. Cleaning guide, for water based inks, rub with a damp cloth. For oil based, use a little vegetable oil to loosen the ink then a damp cloth. 

Block is approximately 3mm thick, brand UK based printmakers Essdee. Some workshop feedback tells me this quality is easier & safer to carve than modern lino blocks due to the added oils & minerals. Draw your design directly with a pencil onto the lino surface, rub away mistakes with a damp cloth.

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