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Lino pack of 3 sheets A6 mix quality

Lino pack of 3 sheets A6 mix quality

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A mixed pack of 3 sheets in size A6 around 10/15cm. This pack contains 3 different base types of artist lino to try out. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type which can only be found by trying them yourself.

1. Blue easy & soft cut - more rubberised and easier to cut for beginners & children but can produce a slightly less crisp print due to its rubber content. This is great for those who like a fully consistent print.

2. Grey reversible polymer - a quality which is medium density. Easy to wash and produces a crisp result. In my workshops, most students prefer this quality for cutting. It produces a print with sharp lines but can have a 'spongey' or washed effect overall, most people love this characteristic lino look!

3. Traditional grey - single sided with hessian back. Some printers prefer this traditional material, feels like cutting sandstone, avoid drenching in soapy water due to fabric backing, takes a while to dry.

Blocks are approximately 3mm thick and all types can easily be cut down to size with scissors. Draw your design directly with a pencil, rub away mistakes with a damp cloth. Alternatively sketch out a drawing, then flip your design with trace paper, parchment or specialist carbon copy paper. Remember your lino plate is a mirror image of a paper print.

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