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Linocut tool blade

Linocut tool blade

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Precision ground steel lino cutters blades, choose from 10 profile shapes each one producing a different mark.

In learning to linocut & print, students develop a library of marks they prefer to use. A range of profile blades expands our mark making library & ensures the work is exciting and varied. Profiles can be either a V shape or more rounded U shape in differing width & height. Sold as singles.

profile 1 - the most fine V cutter at 0.5mm, can be tricky to use

profile 2 - a universal V shape can be used for lots of different marks

profile 3 - similar to blade 2 but more rounded great for beginners

profile 4 - a wide, rounded V for fragile detail & fine lines in open spaces

profile 5 - a sharp flat edge cutting blade to produce a fixed line up to which a area can be removed to produce a super straight fixed edge. Great to use as carving out the key lines of the design before embarking on surface removal

profile 6 - a flat radius cutter for shallow, wide cuts leaving a strong shallow angle

profile 7 - a flat-bottomed wide cutter with safety edges each side, great for bold lines

profile 8 - a wide, deep cutter for lines up to 6mm

profile 9 - a deep V cutter it glides through lino super easily

profile 10 - similar to 9 but with a wider V, good to use on tougher base material

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