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Fabric block print ink 75ml by Speedball

Fabric block print ink 75ml by Speedball

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A great product from USA brand Speedball

Simply apply ink to your printing surface such as wood block or lino sheet, stamp your fabric area then allow to dry fully for around a week, no need to fix with a hot iron. Then you can wash your print at 40 degree and it remains in place. developed for use with both paper and fabric.

These inks are oil based but still easy clean up with soap & water. They work with all lino sheets, wood, other print blocks including potatoes for a kids art activity. 

For best results use on cotton, polyester blends, linen, rayon, other synthetic fibres (not for use on nylon) as well as paper & cardboard.

As a suggestion, print some test pieces & wash before you embark on your larger project. With any new medium it is always good to familiarise yourself beforehand.

Always read the manufacturer instructions fully before you begin. 

Shipping & Returns

All orders dispatched from Liverpool, UK. There is a flat rate shipping charge per order which varies per country. Add as much to your basket as you like & the postage cost remains the same! Choose from a fast or slower service depending on your budget & timing. Returns accepted if the kit box is unopened and items are unused.

Care Instructions for inks

Always wipe rim & replace lid after use. Store upright to prevent spills & dry out. If stored correctly your inks will last years. Water based inks will clean easily with soap and water. Oil based inks use a veg oil to loosen inks before using soap & water.

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