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Cyanotype solution set by Jacquard

Cyanotype solution set by Jacquard

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The Jacquard Cyanotype Sensitizer Set is ideal for somebody looking to make lots of sun prints on paper or fabric. Plenty solution for around 50-60 x (8” x 10”) prints. Take note that fabric will take more solution than paper.

The pack includes 2 x pre-measured chemical powders in 150ml size bottles that when tap water is added, together create a UV sensitive solution for cyanotype printing. 

How to use:

  • add water to fill bottles, shake and leave 24 hours to dissolve fully, these solutions A and B will remain stable for years on your shelf and you can come back to this activity again at a later date. 
  • to make the cyanotype solution active, mix equal parts of A and B in a container, only enough for use at that time, it will remain active for 2-4 hours. You can use this straight away. With a brush or sponge, apply the cyan solution to paper or fabric in a dim or non UV environment. Household lightbulbs are ok!
  • allow papers and fabric to dry fully, ideally overnight do not expose to daylight.
  • make your exposures taking 10-30 minutes in UV sunlight depending conditions. This can be outdoors or indoors by a sunny window, check out for handy tips and advice. 
  • finally, rinse the paper or fabric in cool tap water for 5 minutes to expose your print.

Full written instructions are found on the reverse of packaging and also on the bottle labels. Prints can be made on any natural fibre including cotton, linen, silk, canvas, wood, paper, wood and leather, even on pebbles!

  • Easy to use
  • Avoid ingestion, inhalation and contact with skin.
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