Watercolour painting workshop with Melanie Sullivan

Watercolour painting workshop with Melanie Sullivan

What a gorgeous afternoon! 

Melanie is an Artist local to the studio & often runs paining classes for us. This time I joined with my Mum and friend Laura, we had such a relaxing & creative time. Melanie introduced watercolour paining by showing us different papers, brushes & paints. There was a handout to take away so we can refer back to the information. We began by learning to mix our own shades of primary and secondary colours then painted our own colour wheel. 

After a cake & tea break, we saw lots of demonstrations on technique and had a go creating our own 4 smaller paintings. The best bit was removing the protective edge tape at the end - our creations came to life!  

Not sure I'm a Picasso just yet but I can recommend for anyone who loves colour & likes to do mindful art activities. Check out my workshops page for dates when Melanie has her next class. 

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