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Wooden handle brayer

Wooden handle brayer

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A soft rubber roller with eco friendly wooden handle. This inking roller is ideal for smooth application of block printing ink and paint & other craft and arts uses. 

I have 2 sizes, a larger and a smaller

Large - exact rubber width is 101mm or 4 inch. . Handle length 14cm.
Smaller - exact rubber width is 48mm. Circumference around the roller which is the total rubber surface for inking, 100mm. Handle length 14cm.

The surface is even and provides excellent pickup and deposit of ink for more consistent results every time, making for a better user experience. The handle is comfortable, a good size and a good weight. Suitable for use with both water based and oil based ink, and also resistant to solvents. I used these rollers for a few years they have always worked well for me and my workshops. 

It functions so that when wet, it can be turned over with the handle doubling as a stand for cleaner working. These versatile rollers can be used for a variety of purposes other than block printing, including scrapbooking and laminating.

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Five stars for this shop! I had an idea to make linocut camp t-shirts this summer but wasn’t sure where to start. Catherine answered a ton of my questions and made sure I had everything I needed - including ink for printing on fabric. The kit arrived within a week and everything was beautifully packaged, the materials are great & the instructions were very helpful. I would highly recommend this shop for anyone who wants to give this medium a try!